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Marcus Ambe

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Dr. Marcus Ambe

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Dr. Marcus Ambe is an esteemed professor and scholar-practitioner with 21 years of experience in directing sustainable procurement and supply chain management solutions, demonstrating well-rounded leadership, academic expertise, and practical and managerial skills. He is a certified procurement professional and an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at Jackson State University. Prior to relocating to the United States, Marcus developed and advanced his career from a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, and to full tenured Professor (2015) at the University of South Africa. He has taught at various universities in South Africa, Africa, and the United States of America. Between 2010 and to date, Marcus has published over 100 research outputs (scientific research papers in reputable, conference papers, book chapters, and industry reports) including three (3) prescribed textbooks. He has been recognized with various awards and accolades for his contribution to procurement and supply chain research, capacity building, and awareness campaign.

Marcus Ambe

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Marcus' research solutions and insights provide organizations with a high level of competitiveness that is critical for successful supply chains.


Take advantage of Marcus expertise and turn the way you manage procurement and supply chain into a powerful source of competitive advantage for your organization.


Marcus supports the development of procurement and supply chain professionals through custom and executive training, mentorship, and coaching to advance their skills and capabilities. 


Contact Marcus for your speaking engagements. He is a sought-after speaker on procurement and supply chain transformation, professionalization, global sourcing, sustainability, localization, and inclusion.  

Marcus Ambe

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Marcus Ambe

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