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Roundtable Discussion: 4th October 2016: Bridging The Gap Between Industry Realities And Academic Expectations

A team of SCM panellists after their lengthy engagements during a roundtable discussion organised by the Supply Chain Management Research Group (CEMS). I was privileged to be the host and chairperson of the SCMRG. “Supply chain management is often viewed as a source of corruption, especially within the public sector, where major tenders are issued. This is a result of the government’s failure to use public funds wisely and deliver better services within budget constraints”. This was a sentiment echoed by the panellists during the roundtable discussion centred on the theme Supply chain management: Bridging the gap between industry realities and academic expectations the Supply Chain Management Research Group (SCMRG) at CEMS in collaboration with SBL (Unisa) and CIPS held on the 4th October 2016.

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